Nipple Covers/Stickers


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Goodbye Nipple Slips!

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- 1 pack = 5 pairs
- Disposable nipple covers
- No creasing
- Prevent Nipple slips
- Can be worn under bra/without bra
- Perfect under any attire

Reusable NIPPLE COVERS Personal review:
I like these! Good stuff that helps to prevent nipple slips when wearing low cut tops or even loose blouses/swimwear. I like the fact that it is reusable; so far I have used mine about 5 times, the adhesive is still as good as new. I will update this page over time as i continually use this; supplier said it can be used 100x or more, I will be testing this out and will keep u babes updated as time goes by. It has a nice lacey nylon texture and a feminine petal design. The lace texture is not visible under tight fitting attire. I wear these under my bra ( those that are a tad loose) for extra caution, to prevent "chau kong" or nipple slip situations as well. It is not painful to remove as the adhesive is mild yet just right to make it stick firmly.

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Nipple Covers/Stickers

Nipple Covers/Stickers

Goodbye Nipple Slips!