Strap Perfect Concealer Bra Clip (Heart Shape) 3PCS/set


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Hide bra straps and boost your cup size!

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HOW TO USE Tutorial/Review by Supermodels Secrets:


NOTE: I recommend using a push up bra together with this clip for those who wants to boost cup size. Pls bend down and push flesh into bra cup after placing clip. Place clip higher for better boost, lower for less.
Strap Perfect Bra Concealer Clip 
(NEW! 3rd Generation design)

Conceals Bra Straps!
Perfect For Tank tops/racerbacks/sleeveless & more!
Add a full cup size instantly!

1 Pack includes 3 bra clips in BLACK, CLEAR and SKIN color

The Strap Perfect Concealer Clip for Bras gives you immediate lift without padding or enhancers. You’ll have a sexy look in just seconds. Just clip the Strap Perfect Concealer Clip to the back of your bra strap and you’re done. You’ll add a full cup size instantly! You’ll go from flat to fabulous in an instant! No more falling bra straps while you lift and support sagging breasts.


• Improves your posture

• Eliminates falling bra straps

• Lifts and supports sagging breasts

• Stop bra straps from cutting into your shoulders

• Revives old stretched out bras

• Transforms your favorite bra into a racer back, miracle bra or support bra

• Clips on your bikini top, for a shapely, sexier look

• Is perfect for racer backs and tank tops

• Say good-bye to sports bras that flatten you

• Go from flat to fabulous and look sexy in seconds

How to Use?



1) Cleavage Control Bra Clip Infomercial

2) Rachel Ray Loves her Bra Clip!

NOTE: The shape of the bra clip shown in the video is the older design, the new design is shown on the first photo in this blog post with the heart shape inspired design-rather than the old oval shaped clip. The new design superceeds the old design in terms of durability and stability as the old design was found to be fragile. The new design is the way to go! =D

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Women's Weekly Dec 2011 feature:
1) By Xash (Diary Addictions)

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Strap Perfect Concealer Bra Clip (Heart Shape) 3PCS/set

Strap Perfect Concealer Bra Clip (Heart Shape) 3PCS/set

Hide bra straps and boost your cup size!