Cami Secret - The Quick & Easy Clip-on Camisole!


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Comes in a set of 3

The Quick & Easy Clip-on Camisole!

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Comes in a set of three (1 set = 1 Nude, 1 White, 1 Black)

 Is your closet overstuffed because you only feel comfortable wearing certain pieces out at night and feel that they are too revealing for the office. With Cami Secret you can take your favorite low cut blouses and shirts and make them office appropriate in seconds.
Cami Secret gives you the layered look that you would get with a camisole, but without the hassle or bulk of an entirely separate garment. Cami Secret is made of light weight, breathable fabric that simply clips onto your bra to give you the appearance of wearing a camisole.

Cami Secret is one size fits all and it easily adjusts to exactly where you want it. Cami Secret can go with any shirt to completely change the look of an outfit. Cami Secret comes in a wide variety of colors to go with any style or color outfit.
Now you can wear your favorite low cut blouse to work, and then meet your dinner date without having to run home to change – you can adjust or completely remove Cami Secret in seconds so you quickly have the perfectly appropriate outfit for any situation.

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My Personal review:
I have personally tried it (photos above) and found that it is pretty handy for low cut tight fitting tops/dresses. it does eliminate the bulk that comes with wearing full tube/spaghettie straps under one’s attire. As i am petite in frame, it does not work for me when wearing loose tops with this. Also for petite framed ladies, i recommend tucking in the bottom portion under your bra for added security. My mum who is an M size, wore it and it was good for her, she need not tuck the bottom as it is already just nice in tightness for her. The clips has to be fastened properly to avoid accidental slips yeah~~Cami secret allows for moderate to high coverage, i noticed that it does not cater to minimal coverage (if one wants to have only a small hint of coverage it does not allow you to adjust the cami that low). All in all the quality of the lace and cami is pretty good. Although it allows machine wash, it’s always better to hand wash delicates like this. Recommended for V neck attire, NOT RECOMMENDED for spaghettie strap or straight neck tops. Just my two cents~=)
Tip for tighter security – tuck the bottom portion under your bra.

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Cami Secret - The Quick & Easy Clip-on Camisole!

Cami Secret - The Quick & Easy Clip-on Camisole!

Comes in a set of 3

The Quick & Easy Clip-on Camisole!