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Timeless, limitless & effortless hair do in minutes!

Instant hair bun hair piece for an elegant updo.

Change hair style from casual to classic.

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Hair bun hair piece creates timeless, limitless and effortless elegant hair do in minutes!


Watch it in action:

Video 1: Basic mini tutorial on How to use HairBun Hair Piece

Video 2: Red Carpet elegant bun updo tutorial

Colors available:

Off or Natural Black [Code 1b] – for those with naturally Black hair, not dyed to Jet Black

Very Dark Brown [Code #4] – for those with naturally dark brown hair (not dyed)

Medium Brown [Code #4L] – for those with dyed Dark brown hair

Light Brown [Code #30] - for those with dyed light brown hair

(model is wearing light brown in photos above)



Now any women can easily and affordably change her hair style from casual to classic with this Hair Bun Hair Piece – chignon style.

Depending on where it’s placed on the head, this versatile hair piece will help you create several classic updos.

Made from kanekalon fiber, looks and feels almost like real hair, this elegant piece can be put in and taken out in a matter of seconds!

Beautiful updo hair pieces and buns perfect for any formal affair.

Quickly and easily add one of these hair updos to your hair for the finishing elegant touch to a wedding, bridal, homecoming or prom updo hairstyle.

Rather than spending hours with your stylist, simply and quickly add one of these bun hair piece to your hair style.

Everyone will be impressed at how natural looking they are and how gorgeous you will look.

So for that formal event, save time and money and incorporate one of these stylish updos to create a stunning hair style..


My Personal Review:

Honestly this stuff looks like a piece of crap at first sight or even at second sight when you look at it alone. But i gave it a try anyway and was surprised that it actually looks great when it’s worn on one’s hair. This bun piece is made scrunchie style and it is pretty easy to use – just loop it over your hair bun/ponytail/half-do. if it is too loose just place 2 bobby pins criss crossed to secure it in place.

If your hair’s length is below your shoulders these would be easier to use as you’d have enough hair to gather up a simple bun which would fit the hair piece when it is looped over. For those with less dense hair, it can still be used but I’d advise you to use bobby pins to pin the bun piece in place to your hair so it doesn’t fall out.

This stuff may get messed up easily as with all kanekalon products, so I'd advise one to take good care of it and try not to get it messed up yeah.

I’ve seen similar product like this in accesorry stores however, those were pretty plasticky and a tad too shiny and therefore looked fake. This one is made of kanekalon and it looks pretty close to real human hair.

I do not recommend this for those with hair length above the shoulders, unless you’d like to use it for half-dos. Half-dos with hair down will only look nice if the ends of one’s hair is curled yeah.

Warning: do not heat/iron this item yeah as it is made of kanekalon which is not heat resistant.

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Timeless, limitless & effortless hair do in minutes!

Instant hair bun hair piece for an elegant updo.

Change hair style from casual to classic.