Sundepil Smoothlegs Painless Hair Removal Set (1 box)


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Europe’s Leading Natural Hair Removal. SMOOTHLEGS is the easy, safe and painless way to remove unwanted hair.

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Personal review by 3rd party and How To Use:
NOTE: Smooth Away & SmooooothLegs are the same product, marketed as didfferent brands presumably in different countries

SMOOTH LEGS is a pad covered with superfine crystals that buff away unwanted hair, leaving your skin so soft and incredibly smooth. Works great on sensitive areas and also exfoliates as it removes the unwanted hair, leaving skin soft and smooth.
SMOOTH LEGS is the easy, safe and painless way to remove unwanted hair. The unique Smooth legs pad is covered with superfine crystals that buff away unwanted hair. Smooth Away will leave your skin soft and smooth. Perfect for travel use!
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1. No More Harsh Chemicals, Waxing, Electrolysis, Painful Plucking, Ripping Hair, Shaving, Costly Laser Treatments
2. Removes Unwanted Hair and Exfoliates
3. Safe, Soft and Painless
4. Hair Grows Back Slower and Finer with Each Use
5. Fast, Easy, Use Anywhere

We use SmoooothLegs™ Micro-Crystal Pads to buff away unwanted hair and exfoliate at the same time. Each SmoooothLegs ™ Micro-Crystal Pad contains thousands of micro crystal particles that gently but effectively exfoliate the skin while removing hair at the same time. Fast and easy, with NO smelly & harmful chemicals, NO cuts, NO fuss and NO razor bumps! SmoooothLegs ™ leaves your skin smooth and comfortable.

What’s in Each Pack?

Material: a pad covered with superfine crystals that buffs away the hair leaving it soft and smooth

Size: Large applicator 112mmX76mm , Small applicator 76mmX35mm

Package including with:

• 1 Large applicator

• 1 Small applicator

• 4 Large flex-crystal replacement pads

• 4 Small flex-crystal replacement pads

How to Use?

• Gently exfoliate while removing hair: works by applying the product on your skin in gentle circular motions (clockwise first and then counter-clockwise). This buffs away unwanted hair and exfoliates dead skin cells at the same time revealing smooth healthy skin.
• Removes hair instantly and pain free: Smooth Legs is a painless and safe hair removal system. There is no component of Smooth Legs that can nick or cut your skin or cause any pain
• No pain, no chemicals, no razor burn: Each flex-crystal pad is covered with tiny crystals that aid in the removal of hair through gentle circular motion that also exfoliates at the same time, leaving your skin ever-so-soft and fresh.
• Safe for upper lip, sensitive areas, anywhere: can be used every day – just remember to use a gentle touch in clockwise and counter-clockwise motions. Use only in circular motions, with slight pressure. Do not bear down. Going first in one circular direction, then the other, repeat this procedure until all the hairs have been removed. For larger areas like legs and forearms, use the larger backing pad. For smaller, or uneven areas, use the smaller backing pad, with the same circular motions. When done your skin may look a little whitish or gray in color, which is great news because you’ve exfoliated dead

Question & Answer:

1. How long does a pad last?

This will depend on the amount and coarseness of the hair. On average, one pad will last long enough to use on a woman’s legs twice before needing to be replaced.

2. How long does the hair have to be?

It is recommended that you use Smooth Legs on shorter hair, although it also works on regular and long hair. If the hair is on the longer side, first time trimming is recommended.

3. Will hair grow back thicker on my face?

No the hair will not grow back thicker. After continued use, less hair will grow back and it will be thinner than previous hair.

3rd party review:
Thanks to: Sha-Lene of

My personal take:

Well, to be frank I have not tried this myself yet. This is due to Tweeze and Wizzit (Automatic tweezers) which I have imported within the same month; and as a seller, I had to test both products over and over again until I currently do not have any hair on my face/armpit/arm/legs left to test any hair removal product. I need to wait for another 2 weeks for the hairs to grow back before I can test this out and write my personal experience. As always, As Seen on TV ads and info always show the pros, never the cons, I will try it and detail both the pros and cons of the product, gotta wait for my hairs to grow back first~hehe. I’ll update this section once I post it up. Meantime i am also looking for a 3rd party reviewer to write an unbiased review about this. stay tuned!=)
Ok I just tried this last week and this thing works! i tried it on my hands, legs and it works pretty well and quickly too. For bikini line it does work but it takes more time and be careful not to bear down with pressure as this will cause redness as it happened to me when i first used it bearing down a tad too hard. Just use it gently as though you are applying lotion. ALso it helps to apply moisturizer after usage so skin stays supple as they exfoliator might leave skin a bit dry.
Please do not use this is you have sensitive skin, so far we have 2 customers who reported having redness /rashes after using and claimed to never bear down when using. Normally if one bears down with pressure redness / soreness may occur due to over exfoliating ur skin. I have had the same problem when i used it too hard on my skin and it took a few days to wear off. so remember to be gentle yeah~
I don’t reconmmend this for armpits or bikini line personally as i found it was painful for for these areas, maybe because i have sensitive skin on those areas. Also not recommended for sensitive skin.

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Comparison between SmoooothLegs and Wizzit single unit epilators (Pls read before deciding to purchase)
3rd party review:
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Sundepil Smoothlegs Painless Hair Removal Set (1 box)

Sundepil Smoothlegs Painless Hair Removal Set (1 box)

Europe’s Leading Natural Hair Removal. SMOOTHLEGS is the easy, safe and painless way to remove unwanted hair.