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Korean Portable Auto Vibration Ionic Massager


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Super easy to use!

Double your skincare penetration!!

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Portable Auto Vibration Eye Massager
No Switch at all!
Super easy to use!

Double your skincare penetration!!


Do you still use your hand to apply expensive wrinkle care creams?
Only 70% of wrinkle care cream is absorbed in facial skin if you apply with your hands, while 30% is wasted, being absorbed in your hand.
Helps absorb skin creams/eye creams much better and increases its effectiveness
Reduces dark circles
Smoothens skin
Made in Korea
Super easy to use
ONE AA Batteries needed
Auto vibrates when touched on skin


1. Hermippe helps cosmetic penetrate deeper into your skin.
- Eye cream and essence oil can penetrate deeper into your facial skin by iontophoresis and micro vibration.
2. Hermippe removes wrinkles.
- Lifting effect of ion induction and micro vibration massage effect remove wrinkles.
3. Hermippe prevents the waste of expensive cosmetic.
4. Hermippe is easy to carry.
- Length is just 10cm, weight is just 23 grams.
- It operates by 1 AAA battery.
5. Hermippe operates automatically by moisture probe.
- Hermippe has no switch.
- It starts operating automatically when it touches moisture.
- It stops automatically when cosmetic is absorbed fully in skin.


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•Hermippe is the total massager to introduce the wrinkle care cream & essence into skin
•Has a conveniently-shaped massage head for easy application to the facial contours around the eyes, nose & mouth
•Automatically operates when the massage head comes into contact with the skin surface
•The automatic operation ceases as soon as the applied cream is cleanly absorbed into the skin to avoid hurting dry skin


Portable Auto Vibration Massager


Hermippe is designed for the reduction and prevention of facial wrinkles and overall improvement of skin vitality with ergonomically designed to flow gently over the contours of the face. It works best in conjunction with any type of water-soluble skincare products.


With its latest emotional technology, it has automatic adjustment according to skin conditions and the amount of cosmetics. A strong vibration is generated when there’s a large volume of cosmetics for the effective ingredients to be absorbed deep into the skin, the intensity of vibration will gradually become weaker.


Product Benefits
• Wrinke and nutrition care (ion induction effect)
• Vibration massage effect (physical induction effect using inute vibration)
• The massage head is specially designed for wrinkle areas around the eyes, mouth and nose
• A compact size (10cm) to accompany your cosmetics
• Absorption increased by 30% compared to the usage of hand


Product Efficacies
• Provides a deep level of skin cleansing
• Diminishes age spots and sun spots
• Improves skin texture and complexion
• Supplies moist and nutrient in the cellular level
• Accelerates the skin metabolism
• Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
• Minimises the appearance of imperfections


• Voltage: DC 1.5V
• Energy Consumption: 75mW
• Continuous using hours: 6 hours
• Size: 105.3 (L) x 20.6 (W) x 20 (H)
• Battery: 1.5V AAA Alkaline battery 1 pcs
• Current intensity: 0.1mA


• Before using, please read the User Manual
• Use 1.5v AAA alkaline battery only
• Never wash Hermippe with water, it could be damaged. Clean with makeup cotton
• Store this equipment at room temperature
• Do not use this equipment if you have a metal allergy
• It is impossible to return or exchange if you have opened the package or used this equipment
• This equipment has 6-month warranty


1. “I’ve used Hermippe with my eye gel for 2 weeks. It works fabulously. My eyebags, dark circles & fine lines have reduced significantly. Absolutely a worth-to-buy gadget for our beauty regime!” – Jayz, 28
2. “I’ve tried it with my sleeping mask. Now I don’t have to wait for the sleeping mask to be absorbed. Just use Hermippe to assist, and I get a beauty sleep with moistured skin.” – Brenda,




I have tried it with a couple of my moisturizers and serums and it sure does help in allowing better absorption. – Sweetestsins


I tested it on dry skin and there was absolutely no vibration! Pretty clever I must say. – Vivawoman


This stuff vibrates when it is placed on skin after applying moisturiser or skincare. I have tried with my moisturiser and found it pretty effective in absorbing the cream. Not sure if it is psychological or not but my skin feel more supple! Roll it according to the diagram below and it should do justice for all the cocktail of face/eyecreams u’ve been applying all these years to work as good than it is touted to . Reason why creams are hard to absorb just by itself is cause the molecules are not small enough for skin penetration. The ionpronthosis (sorry i cant remember the exact term) works to break th molecules to smaller units absorbable toone’s skin i guess , i gues sthat is why it works. however it is not a miracle prodct that would work after once or just a few usages, you gotta use it long etrm regularly to see it’s effects.

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Korean Portable Auto Vibration Ionic Massager

Korean Portable Auto Vibration Ionic Massager

Super easy to use!

Double your skincare penetration!!