B'Bra Magic Invisible Tape For Fashion


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Goodbye Wardrobe Malfunctions!

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Celebrities' secret body and apparel tape



Video demo: (Third party reviwer is using a different brand but these are essentially the same thing and material


Holds clothing in place
Hide bra straps
Secure revealing necklines
Holds up strapless tops
Eliminate blouse gaps
Close wrap skirts
Keep scarves and accessories in place
Create costumes
Adheres to body jewels - keeping it on the right side!

*Passed thru certain tests certifying it is not harmful to the skin

The stars secret to prevent wardrobe malfunction

36 double-stick strips in a box- The star's secret apparel and body tape
 Medical quality, hypo-allergenic, fabric-friendly tape.
 Works skin-to-fabric or fabric-to-fabric to hold clothing in place.
 Transparent, so it will not show through even the sheerest fabrics.
 Stretches slightly to move with your body.
 Will hold up to perspiration.
 One-use only product, designed to be removed before a garment is washed.
 Perfect size for purse, pocket, briefcase, and travel bag.

• Keep bra strap from slipping
• Prevent blouse gaps between buttons.
• Secure plunging necklinesHold belts, scarves, and straps in place.
• Perfect for quick hemming and other emergency repairsKeep wrap styles wrapped

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B'Bra Magic Invisible Tape For Fashion

B'Bra Magic Invisible Tape For Fashion

Goodbye Wardrobe Malfunctions!